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Raising Awareness of Open Data
October 16-17, 2014

Coimbra, Portugal

About RAW Open Data

RAW Open Data is a joint transnational event focused on Open Data and Knowledge as critical resources to successfully engage current social and economic challenges.
Organized by IPN – Instituto Pedro Nunes, a Portuguese Association for innovation and R&D in Sc. and Tech, we will bring together over 100 people to share and discuss ideas, experiences and projects in creative environment.
RAW Open Data will take place during two full days. In the first day there will be a conference-style event, with keynotes of around 30 minutes followed by questions by the audience, featuring top European speakers in Open Data and Knowledge domain. In the second day a Hackathon will take place, where participants can create their own applications using real Open Data and Knowledge from different sources.
Last but not least, during these two days, all participants can enjoy fruitful networking moments in our coffee break areas. RAW Open Data results from the cooperation between two complementary European Projects, CITEK and Transcreativa, involving partners from Italy, France, Slovenia, Portugal and Spain.

Follow us @RAWopendata and our conversation #rawopendata on Twitter.

RAW Open Data Goals

RAW Open Data wants to share the wide value and potential of Open Data and Knowledge.
It is our main goal to leverage Open Data and Knowledge, showing its potential to contribute to European Social and Economic sustainability. Therefore we want to raise public and government awareness to pursue an Open Data and Knowledge agenda, improving the quality and quantity of information available and encouraging people to access to it.
Moreover RAW Open Data aims to gather people from different backgrounds to discuss the potential of Open Data and Knowledge innovation, providing a networking experience to foster not only ideas but also further cooperative projects.
We want to influence how people use, connect and access data.

About CITEK Project

CITEK project – "Capitalization Initiative for the Innovation and Internationalization of the MED economic and knowledge system" is a territorial cooperation project financed by the Programme Med in the capitalization call for proposal.
The main project objective is to promote the setting up of innovation system in the MED area involving public administration, research centers, innovation drivers, categories associations and SMEs (the triangle of innovation) capitalizing the results coming out by the projects of the CITEK partnership previously implemented (ICS, IKTIMED and R&D) and setting up synergies and knowledge exchange with projects funded by other CTE programs.
CITEK is a project that integrates both regional and transnational levels. It aims at fostering the competitiveness of MED SMEs and cooperatives promoting a new public-private partnership to support innovation, based on the integration with internationalization strategies and a more open approach of knowledge transfer.
More Information at .

CITEK Project Goals

Strategic Planning and programming
Promoting a monitoring system of smart specialization's implementation;
Promoting the improvement of the MED smart specialization strategies' governance system;
Promoting the involvement of social actors in the future MED Smart Specialization strategies;

Knowledge and Technologies
Improving and exploiting the already existing innovative trans-national knowledge based innovation network platform;
Setting up Knowledge and Innovation Communities according the project partners' interests; Involving the "triangle of Innovation" actors.

Boosting market orieinted innovation;
Improving and exploiting the already existing trans-national online business community;
Contributing to the strenghtening of the international dimension of MED SMEs and cooperatives improving their networking and "clusterization" capabilities;

Open Data
Promoting the implementation of a pilot action in relation to the Open Data system.

About Transcreativa Project

The purpose of the TRANSCREATIVA project is to position the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) within the SUDOE space as a European practice reference capable of combining economic development (technology Transfer) and social cohesion (entrepreneurship and improve the employability of unemployed youth).
This project brings together the Basque Country (Spain), Aquitaine (France) and Coimbra (Portugal).
More Information at .

Transcreativa Project Goals

Create a strategic Map of CCI Sector, mapping regional structure, technological capacities, innovative competencies and development strategies.
Develop Creative Poles in each region, linked by a trans-regional Virtual Hub, encompassing leaning, cooperative and experimental spaces.
Develop pilot experiences to create new organizations in the CCI sector.
Structure prototyping and technology transfer to regional companies in the CCI Sector, creating good practices to boost economy and social cohesion.

Why to attend?

If you believe that Open Data is a fuel for innovators and has potential to generate added value across different sectors, RAW Open Data is the right event for you.
We will bring together a diverse group of leading speakers in Open Data and Knowledge from across Europe, giving you the opportunity not only to ear about the trends and evolution, but also to share your perspectives and concerns on Open Data and Knowledge.
RAW Open Data will create for you a dynamic ecosystem with intense experiences, knowledge and idea sharing and networking opportunities.
Moreover RAW Open Data will curate a 24-hour Hackathon, where developers, designers, engineers and Open Data enthusiasts can share ideas, form teams and build products based on Open Data and Knowledge from different sources.

Who ?

RAW Open Data aims to bring together everyone eager to foster the potential of Open Data.
Due to this wide spread focus we believe that if you are a developer, professor educator, decision makers, public body, investor , experienced entrepreneur, innovator, young student, recent graduate, young professional or a curious citizen interested in Open Data and Knowledge and its potential to disrupt new markets, this is the right event for you.

Event Schedule

Daily Activities

Whether you are completely new to open data or want to learn some more about it and interact with top actors in this area, you are welcome to join us at the RAW Open Data event. Attendance is free, but requires registration due to the limited number of seats.
We have put together a thorough agenda. In the first part of our journey we'll start by establishing some common-ground on open data and getting a brief overview of the world’s leading open-source data portal platform. Then, we'll find out about the implications of an EU directive that requires the public sector to progressively open its data. After that, we move on to learn about the intricacies of licensing the data to be opened. The second part of our journey is dedicated to open data projects: we'll hear about efforts to unlock the full potential of the public sector information in the Mediterranean space; about the experience of the Portuguese public administration in opening its data; about how Grenoble is using open data to promote social innovation; and about how real-time open data can foster value creation and a higher quality of service to users of public transport. We'll close the day with a presentation about learning from our data using innovative visualisations.

Keynote Sessions
October, 16th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • 08:30 am - Welcome Coffee

  • 09:00 am - Opening Session

  • 09:30 am - Open Data 101

    Paulo Rupino - University of Coimbra

    An introduction to Open Data, its relevance, and key exemplars. CKAN as a tool for managing Open Data.

  • 10:15 am - The Public Sector Information (PSI) EU Directive

    Martín Álvarez Espinar - Manager of W3C Spain and Advisory Board Member of European Public Sector Information Platform

    A first look at the EU directive about Public Sector Information (PSI) and its implications for the future.

  • 11:00 am - Coffee Break

  • 11:30 am - Introduction to licenses applied to PSI

    Cristiana Sappa - LAPSI 2.0 Coordinator

    Public Sector Information is the set of data collected, managed, produced by Public Sector Bodies (PSBs). In principle, this information - aggregated or per se - embeds a huge economic and social potential. This is why it is crucial to access it and enable its re-use for both market and non economic purposes. In order to foster re-users activities it it important that PSBs use appropriate licenses: only in this way re-user is enabled and the social, cultural and economic growth is ensured.

  • 12:15 am - The HOMER Project: Harmonising Open Data in the Med area

    Rafael Férnandez Gomez - Junta de Andalucia

    Harmonisation of Open Data in the Med area: issues, results, and their importance. HOMER is a strategic MED project that focuses on the theme of Harmonising Open Data, and foster a world-wide policy aiming at making available and exploitable Public Sector Information (PSI).

  • 01:00 pm - Networking Lunch

  • 02:30 pm - Open Data in Portugal

    Paulo Neves - Agency for the Modernisation of Administrative bodies

    Opening public administration data: the Portuguese experience.

  • 03:15 pm - Open Data and Social Innovation

    Sylvain Bouchard - Scop la Péniche, Grenoble

    Fostering Social Innovation in Grenoble with Open Data. How working with public data can be a new way for social innovators to develop their projects. The session will focus on the example of Grenoble and the need for data mediation.

  • 04:00 pm - Coffee Break

  • 04:30 pm - One Stop Transport: Open Data and Public Transportation

    Miguel Laginha - Instituto Pedro Nunes

    The One.Stop.Transport platform ( is an open data platform for urban mobility currently working in Portugal. It was born out of the need to make open data available to third party developers from transport agencies and other data providers using open standards and open APIs. This presentation will focus on how the OST platform works, the results that have been achieved and the future steps towards growth and sustainability.

  • 05:15 pm - Open Data Visualization

    Paolo Ciuccarelli - Politecnico di Milano

    Data Visualization is not always enough, especially if you want to bring Open Data in the hands of non-experts and engage the public. Even with specialists, a better user experience in data interfaces can improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of analytical processes. Design can help in creating pro-active relationships between stakeholders and Open Data, building "data experiences" that go beyond the two dimensions.

  • 06:00 pm - Closing Session

October, 16th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • 07:00 pm - Relevant projects on Open Data theme

    Brief presentations of invited Reference and Relevant projects on Open Data theme.

  • 08:00 pm - Datasets for the Hackathon

    Brief presentation of datasets available from several partners and potential projects to be developed.

  • 09:00 pm - Pizza Night

    Showcase of local net labels releases under CC license [To be Announced].
    This moment is being prepared as an opportunity for participants to know each other, pitch ideas so opportunities and teams can develop from this informal kickstart supported by food, drinks, networking and music.

  • 11:00 pm - Documentary projection

  • All night - Open House

    Open house for those in a hurry to prototype ideas coming out of the conversations.

October, 17th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • 09:30 am - Check-in & Hack Session

    Participants will be hosted in Instituto Pedro Nunes. Presentation of event rules. Participants can start hacking as soon as they check in. We will provide tables and boards for the several groups work and help them to organize themselves and spread around the several projects.

  • 01:00 pm - Lunch

    Lunch provided in working space.

  • 02:00 pm - Hack Session

    During the afternoon organization of RAW Open Data Hackathon will gather information about the several project to compile and prepare dissemination materials.
    Teams complete work and check-in projects.

  • 06:00 pm - Project Pitch

    Project Pitch through prototypes and content created during the day. With the material gathered by the organization during the afternoon we will be able to proceed to a better awareness campaign and presentation of results.
    Live hack demonstrations to audience.

  • 07:00 pm - Matinée @ Casa das artes

    Matinée @ Casa das Artes, an event that gathers the local creative community.

Speakers of the Event

We've got expert speakers from around Europe

We've challenged top actors in the field and they graciously accepted our invitation to come talk to us about key issues in opening data. They come from the Open Knowledge Foundation, W3C, Creative Commons, Junta de Andalucia, Agency for the Modernisation of Administrative bodies, Scop la Péniche, our own IPN, and Politecnico di Milano. Country-wise we have a diversity that encompasses UK, Spain, Greece, France, Italy and Portugal.

Irina Bolychevsky
Irina Bolychevski is currently leading the technical consultancy and product development work of the Open Knowledge Foundation. She is responsible for the organisation’s commercial “wing” – its services, product offering, management of the team and strategy. Irina is also a specialist on Government Open Data and Lead.
Irina Bolychevsky

Commercial Director,
Open Knowledge Foundation

Paulo Rupino
Assistant Professor of Information Systems and the head of the IS Group at the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra, Portugal. Director of Informatics and Systems Lab of Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN), a non-profit association for Innovation and Technology Transfer. Paulo holds a Ph.D. (2001) and a M.Sc. (1997) in Informatics Engineering from the University of Coimbra.
Paulo Rupino

Assistant Professor,
University of Coimbra

Martín Álvarez Espinar
Martin Alvarez-Espinar, W3C Office Manager in Spain, has wide knowledge on Web standards and advanced skills on Web development using Semantic Web mechanisms, Web Services and distributed applications. Nowadays working for data interoperability among public administrations, designing Open Data and PSI (Public Sector Information) re-use strategies and initiatives for European governments.
Martín Álvarez Espinar

Manager, W3C Spain Office. <br> Open Data Consultant

Cristiana Sappa
Cristiana Sappa holds a PhD in Intellectual Property Law from a French and an Italian University. She collaborated with several UN agencies and worked at the Torino Law School and at ESCP Europe Business School. She coordinated the research project on local PSI (EVPSI) and the two thematic network on Legal Aspects of PSI (LAPSI and LAPSI 2.0). Her research interests are Intellectual Property, Competition Law, Contract Law and PSI Rules.
Cristiana Sappa

LAPSI 2.0 Thematic Network,

Rafael Fernandez Gomez
Rafael Fernandez-Gomez is currently International Relationships Officer in Agency for the Management of Agriculture and Fisheries of Andalucia, where develops the coordination of the comprehensive support for the start up of international programmes and specialized advice for international projects. He is also andalusian Operational and Financial Coordinator of the European Project "HOMER".
Rafael Fernandez Gomez

Agency for the Management of Agriculture and Fisheries - Andalucia Region

João Vasconcelos
João Vasconcelos is responsible for the innovation and international relations department of AMA – Agency for the Administrative Modernization. AMA is the public body tutored by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers and responsible for coordinating the Portuguese strategy on e-Government.
João Vasconcelos

Agency for the Modernisation of Administrative bodies

Sylvain Bouchard
Sylvain Bouchard is one of the team members of Scop La Péniche a creative cooperative specialized in community management in Grenoble. He's involved in several web projects ranging from social innovation to responsible consumption. These web platforms focus on bringing social innovators to use the full potentials of new web tools. He's currently working on setting up an Infolab in Grenoble which is intended as a permanent workshop on the different aspects of data and open-data.
Sylvain Bouchard

Scop la Péniche,

Miguel Laginha
Miguel Laginha is the project lead of the One.Stop.Transport platform, an open data portal for urban mobility in Portugal. He got his masters in 2006 in the computer science department of University of Coimbra, Portugal. He is a passionate advocate for everything related to open source, open data and the open Web. At Instituto Pedro Nunes, he leads teams in developing products and services using open and emergent technology.
Miguel Laginha

Tech Lead,
Instituto Pedro Nunes

Paolo Ciuccarelli
Associate Professor at Politecnico di Milano - School of Design, chair of the BSc and MSc programs in Communication Design and member of the board at the Design PhD program (Politecnico di Milano). He is co-editor of the “Big Data and Society” journal (SAGE Publishing) and member of the steering committee of "Engage today to shape tomorrow - 5th International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA)" organized by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.
Paolo Ciuccarelli

Associate Professor,
Politecnico di Milano

About RAW Open Data Hackathon

The RAW Open Data Hackathon is a two-day experience to demonstrate the impact of open-data and information technologies in society. Come with a team, or come as yourself and join a team. Bring an idea, or jump on board with someone else’s. Entrepreneurs, engineers, developers, designers, business professionals and curious citizens are invited to create web and mobile applications to value the huge potential of open data in our society.
To enhance the potential of RAW Open Data Hackathon we are working to bring to you, and society, for the first time different sets of Open Public Data from Coimbra, which will also be available to the general public.

RAW Open Data Hackathon will be hosted in Instituto Pedro Nunes.

Hackathon Objectives

Create prototypes and documents that prove the value and usefulness to society, institutions and the country of open data to foster the opening of more public data.
Establish and promote a new data base with focus in Coimbra’s Unesco World Heritage Site: University of Coimbra and Sofia.
Promote a “Good practices Manual on Open Data” to help institutions to open their data in a standard way.
Establish connections with/between developers, which will be able to ensure future events and projects in Open Data.

The Datasets

Participant can use any datasets they found in internet repositories, nevertheless we will provide several websites with data available and we will debut a new database with Open Public Data from Coimbra. It is our objective to continue to feed this new data base with Public Data, and foster its use by developers to create new added value applications even after the RAW Open Data Hackathon.

Rules/Code of conduct

Online registration ends at 23.59h on October 10th, 2014 or when maximum event capacity is reached, 50 people. Participants are encouraged to register as early as possible to ensure a spot in the competition. You can attend the RAW Open Data event on 16th October or just the Hackathon on 16th and 17th October. Both events are free of charge.

Participants can participate as a team or individually. There is no maximum number of people in a team, although we recommended a team size of 4 multidisciplinary members.

Team formation
Participants will register individually. During the Kick-Off Party we will provide time to form teams or join others. Team will be locked down following the check-in on the morning of October 16th.

Start & End Times
Teams can start working at 18.30h on October 16th and must be complete by 18.00h on October 17th. Teams are encouraged to discuss their ideas and plan their applications prior the event, but all technical designs, developed code, and production assets for each entry must be created during the Hackathon. The event space will remain open overnight and teams are encouraged to work around the clock on their applications.

Languages & Tools
Applications may be assembled using any programming language, frameworks or development tools. Participants are expected to bring the necessary hardware and software tools. Internet access will be provided.

Source Code Rights
Teams are encouraged to contribute their work at an open source repository or project following the event, but RAW Open Data will foster the creation of new companies or products based on open data. RAW Open Data will not claim any intellectual property, source code, or applications developed as part of the event.

Technical Support
During the Hackathon we will have technical support to help people access and work with several open datasets.

Press Release
By participating in the RAW Open Data Hackathon, participants grant the organization and participating members of the media rights to publicly disclose event information, review and describe applications developed and presented during the event, and rights to display event-related photos, screen shots, and links to publicly available demonstrations of contest entries.

Rules changes
RAW Open Data organization reserves the right to make rules modifications prior to the start of the event. Please check this website occasionally for changes that could affect the event. If you are already registered you will receive modifications on your email.

Be respectful
We expect all participants to behave professionally. We will not tolerate any kind of insults between our attendees.

Be Open
We are striving to welcome attendees from all backgrounds and skill levels. This event is about increasing the overall amount of innovation, partnership, and engagement in the Open data Community.


Generic questions about the Hackathon

Frequently asked questions can be updated any time. If you have a specific question not answered in the website please send an email to IPN's official contacts.

Due to the wide spread focus of Open Data we believe that RAW Open Data Hackathon is suited to developers, professors, educators, decision makers, public bodies, investors, experienced entrepreneurs, innovators, young students, recent graduates, coders, marketers, designers, business and product developers.

Participants may come as individuals or teams, and with or without a pitch. As stated in the rules there is not limit for team members, nevertheless we advise that teams shouldn’t have more than 5 members.

Participants will work on projects of their choice for 24h. Hackathon teams form on Thursday or Friday morning, and create prototypes until Friday at 19h. In this hackathon we expect people extend their personal network and have fun with fellow participants, and have the chance to jumpstart an idea or a company from an exciting 24h challenge.

Yes! You just have to bring your computer, your creativity, talent and ideas, we will provide you the space, the food, the drinks and the fun.

Yes! We thought about the all-nighters so we will maintain the working space open as long as at least a team or a team member wants to work. But if you are an early bird don’t worry, Friday the working space will be open at 9 o’clock.

Projects and teams with the most innovative and breakthrough solutions will have the opportunity to be invited to several incubation and acceleration programmes managed by the organization partners (conditions to be specified later).

Of course! In fact we want to keep feeding it with more open data from different sources. We know that this is a very difficult, hardworking and time consuming task, but we also believe that Open Data has the potential to innovative and disruptive products and companies.

The official language spoken in the Hackathon will be English. This way we believe that we can have participants from all around Europe and foster teams with a multicultural, multinational and multidisciplinary approach, to enrich the participants' experience and the results of the event.


Follow us to get all the updates about our event


Keynote Sessions - Instituto Pedro Nunes


Auditorium of TecBIS, Instituto Pedro Nunes,
Rua Pedro Nunes,
3030-199 Coimbra, Portugal

IPN Incubadora, created in 1991, is one of the leading science based incubators of Portugal and has supported almost 200 entrepreneurial projects with a survival rate of nearly 80%. It has generated 1800 highly qualified jobs in its region and these companies had a combined turnover of €75 million in 2011. In recognition of its achievements, IPN Incubadora has been awarded the price for The Best Science Based Incubator at the 2010 Science Based Incubation Conference held in Liverpool, UK.
TecBIS (Technology Business Innovation SustainableGrowth) project intends to boost high-tech high-growth companies by providing a wide set of advanced services, focused on developing their technological competences and internationalization capacity, through a closer cooperation with the academic and scientific institutions, and support services to help technology-based and innovative companies increase their technological competences and internationalization capacity.



Coimbra is located in Centro Portugal which is successfully active in business support and incubation, particularly through science based incubators and science parks.
Recently, the European Commission announced its Regional Innovation Scoreboard where Centro Portugal ranked amongst the 100 most innovative regions of Europe.
This makes Coimbra the ideal location to share and discuss the state-of-the-art knowledge and insights in Open Data potential. This conference also offers a unique change to make acquaintance with one the oldest universities of the world, University of Coimbra, founded in the thirteenth century and a key partner of this conference. In 2013, University of Coimbra – Alta and Sofia was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



With its mild climate, 3000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 kms of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal is the perfect destination all year round. This is a country that has the oldest borders in Europe, with an exceptional range of different landscapes just a short distance away, lot of leisure activities and a unique cultural heritage, where tradition and modernity blend together in perfect harmony. Its superb cuisine, fine wines and hospitable people make this a tourist paradise of the highest quality. Situated in the extreme south-west of Europe, just a few hours from any of the other European capitals, Portugal attracts visitors from all over the world.

Accommodation options

In the following hotels we have arranged special offers to you. In order to benefit from the special offer, you have to state the name of the event "Raw Open Data" when booking the room.

Hotel Price Reservation
Hotel Quinta das Lágrimas **** Single room €125.00
Double room €145.00
* Advance payment necessary
T: +351 239 802 380
Keyword: RAW Open Data
Hotel TRYP Coimbra **** Single room €60.00
Double room €67.00
* Advance payment necessary
T: +351 239 480 800
Keyword: RAW Open Data
Hotel Vila Galé Coimbra **** Single room €59.00
Double room €71.00
* Advance payment necessary
T: +351 239 240 000
Keyword: RAW Open Data
Hotel Best Western D. Luis *** Single room €42.10
Double room €50.70
* Advance payment necessary
T: +351 239 802 120
Keyword: RAW Open Data
Hotel D. Inês *** Single room €51.00
* Advance payment necessary
T: +351 239 855 805
Keyword: RAW Open Data

All the prices include "Bed and breakfask (buffet)". VAT is included. In order to benefit from special offer, you have to state the key word in the table above.

By Plane

Coimbra does not have and international airport, nevertheless the nearby airports are: Porto (Oporto) and Lisboa (Lisbon).

Airports in Oporto and Lisbon are both international airports with great conditions and destinations of the low-cost carriers like EasyJet and Ryanair. The closest airport is the Oporto Airport: Trains from Campanhã Station (Oporto) to Coimbra-B Station (Coimbra) leave 30 times a day, and the journey takes about 1 hour.

By Train

Traveling from Oporto to Coimbra takes about 1 hour.
The moment you left the airport you can easily find the subway to get to Campanhã Station. Subway from Oporto Airport to Campanhã Station leaves every 30 min between 6am and 1 am every day, here you can find all the details: Metro Porto.
In Campanhã trains to Coimbra-B leave 30 times a day. You can find the connections and schedule information between Campanhã and Coimbra-B at time tables and prices in here: Comboios de Portugal.

Traveling from Lisbon Airport to Coimbra takes about 2 hours.
The moment you left the airport you can easily use the subway to get to Oriente Station. Subway from Lisbon Airport to Oriente Station leaves every 30 min between 6am and 1am every day, you can use the following link to better plan your travel: Metro Lisboa.
In Oriente Station you can find trains to Coimbra-B 22 times a day. You can find the connections and schedule information between Oriente Station and Coimbra-B at Time Tables and prices in here: Comboios de Portugal.

By Car

Traveling from Oporto, you can travel by car to the Coimbra region in 1 and half hour (Through A1 highway). To make your journey easier we give you the Google Maps details here: Oporto-Coimbra.

Traveling from Lisbon, you can travel by car to the Coimbra region in 2 and half hour (through A1 Highway). To make your journey easier we give you the Google Maps details here: Lisbon-Coimbra


Our Esteemed Partners for this event

Supported By

RAW Open Data event wouldn’t be possible without the support of:

EU SUDOE Programme MED

CITEK Partners

RAW Open Data event is organized and curated by the following organizations of CITEK project:

Instituto Pedro Nunes (PT) Marche Region - Internazionalization and Innovation Department (IT) ADRAL - Regional Development Agency of Alentejo (PT) CNA Emilia Romagna - National Confederation of Crafts and SMEs (IT) Cecot Innovation Foundation (ES) University of Maribor (SI) Oxalis Scop SA (FR) UAB Research Park (ES) Zadar County (HR)

Transcreativa Partners

RAW Open Data event is organized and curated by the following organizations of Transcreativa project:

Instituto Pedro Nunes Câmara Municipal de Coimbra Universidade de Coimbra Sinnergiak Social Innovation - University of the Basque Country Office DSS2016EU - European Capital of Culture École Supérieure des Technologies Industrielles Avancées - ESTIA RECHERCHE TECNALIA Research & Innovation Foundation Agence Pays Basque - ANTIC Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bordeaux

RAW Open Data Staff

Meet the people behind the RAW Open Data event:

Bruno Almeida
Bruno Almeida

Project Manager/Analyst, Instituto Pedro Nunes

Miguel Laginha
Miguel Laginha

Tech Lead, Instituto Pedro Nunes

João Nogueira
João Nogueira

Innovation Project Manager, Instituto Pedro Nunes

Alcides Marques
Alcides Marques


Susana Lourenço
Susana Lourenço

Innovation Manager, Instituto Pedro Nunes

Paulo Rupino da Cunha
Paulo Rupino da Cunha

Assistant Professor, Universidade Coimbra / Dir. of Informatics and Systems Lab, Instituto Pedro Nunes

Alexandre Lemos

Hackathon support, Condomínio Criativo

Alcides Fonseca
Alcides Fonseca

Hackathon support, Condomínio Criativo

Event Resources

Keynote Sessions
October, 16th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Open Data 101

    Paulo Rupino - Instituto Pedro Nunes


  • The Public Sector Information ( PSI) EU Directive

    Martín Álvarez Espinar - W3C Spain

    Download - Presentation available under licence CC BY

  • Introduction to licenses applied to PSI

    Cristiana Sappa - LAPSI 2.0 Coordinator

    Download - Presentation available under licence CC BY

  • The HOMER Project: Harmonising Open Data in the Med area

    Rafael Férnandez Gomez - Junta de Andalucia


  • Open Data in Portugal

    João Ricardo Vasconcelos


  • Open Data and Social Innovation

    Sylvain Bouchard - Scop la Péniche, Grenoble


  • One Stop Transport: Open Data and Public Transportation

    Miguel Laginha - Instituto Pedro Nunes


  • Open Data Visualization

    Paolo Ciuccarelli - Politecnico di Milano

    Soon to be available

October, 16th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Relevant projects on Open Data Theme

    Jorge Teixeira - Sapo Labs


  • Datasets for the Hackathon

    Alcides Fonseca - Condomínio Criativo // Ricardo Vitorino - Instituto Pedro Nunes



    Susana Lourenço - Instituto Pedro Nunes


Networking Day
October, 17th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes
  • Instituto Pedro Nunes and its ecossystem

    José Ricardo Aguilar - Instituto Pedro Nunes


  • IPN - Lab of Automation and Systems

    António Cunha - Instituto Pedro Nunes


  • IPN - Informatics and Systems Lab

    Miguel Laginha - Instituto Pedro Nunes


Projects documents
  • Guidelines Open Data (version 1)

    Instituto Pedro Nunes - CITEK Project


Hackathon Results
October, 17th @ Instituto Pedro Nunes